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The Small Things...

The Small Things is a Everything Special Occasion Company. 

We take all of your ideas, dreams and desires and make them into

visuals. It only takes SMALL pieces of love,care and creative passion 

that make any occasion EXTRA special, rather its that embellished ribbon 

on the back of your seating at that special event or the extra twinkle of the star on your guest book....
or even

 a Greeting Card to say "Just Because"...

 It just take a small detailed effort that sometimes makes an occasion 

all the better!

Thank you for allowing us to use small things to make your occasion extra, extra special!

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Monthly Spotlight

Here you can find someone of interest. Every month at The Small Things, We Honor a creative Individual of Substance. Here you can find out all about their journey through life and what has led them into the area of creativeness that they are in. You can also catch a glimpse of what service or product they offer, not to  mention how to find them. Enjoy!

In A Jar Collection

Do you need a amazing and

unique gift that would do

 more jobs at once?

 Take a look.


Hey... Let's talk about it:

Ideas, D-I-Y tricks, 

savings and more. This is 

a Networking Highway of 

Creativeness. Let's 

Converse, Empower and 

Encourage to bring forth 

that creative bug in all of